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This is a blast!

We had so much fun playing golf indoors - I can't wait for the weather to warm up to try it at the lake!

So glad to hear that you are enjoying the different game modes! Stay tuned more game modes coming your way :) Thank you for your support Annette.

Elizabeth Moline
Great pool toy

I bought this as a gift for my brother, who just built a pool. Fun for the whole family and I bought the discs for their dog as well. Continued success from another ASU Alum

He's lucky to have you as a sister :) Thank you for supporting many of our product lines and GO SUN DEVILS!

Kirstin Giroux
Great fun for everyone!

I bought this for my husband for fathers day and he absolutely loves it! Setup and take down is quick and easy. Great for everyone to use. The kids also made up a variety of different games on their own. Amazing quality. I would highly recommend if you have a pool or a cabin!

Thank you so much for your support Kirstin! We are so glad your husband loved his fathers day gift and so glad to hear that the kids are outdoors and having a good time with the game!

Should make a great gift!

I bought this set as a gift for my kids to play with once our pool is finished. Looks great out of the box, and I can’t wait to give it to them on Christmas. Even more can’t wait to get to play with it myself this spring!

Get this set- you will not regret it!

This set arrived when my whole family was visiting from out of state and we had a blast playing this game. At first I thought we would mostly play outside with the foam golf balls, but we quickly found out that the stonnes work perfectly if you have hardwood floors. So, this can be played in water, outside in the yard, or inside on hard flooring. We haven't packed it back in the bag since first unboxing it. I cannot recommend this game enough. Do yourself a favor and get the 2-NN-1 set!

Thank you so much for being the first to review this new bundle! Brilliant idea of playing on the hard wood floor with the stonnes! I love the creativity! Thank you for your support Alice :)

Adrian Garcia
Love it!

So much fun! Great way to hang in the pool and compete!

We love having you as a customer Adrian. Thank you so much for your feedback and support!

Michele Bauer
Sooo much fun!

This game is awesome! Fun for all ages. Easy to set up. I had an issue with one of my targets and they showed no hesitation in replacing it. Great customer service and very personable people. It’s a must have!

It's the least we could do! We will always take good care of our customers. Thank you for your positive feedback Michele. :)

Michael Greer

The set is awesome.

So are you! Thank you for the review Michael!

FREE Skip NN' Stonne
William Hoenes
Fun Fun Fun

Easy to setup Fun to play

Thank you so much William for sharing the positive benefits you had experienced!

FREE Skip NN' Stonne
Derrick Smith

FREE Skip NN' Stonne

Thank you for the review Derrick!

Skip NN

Great game for the pool. Recommend getting one for your pool. Fill the bags that keep the board in place with rocks and not sand. Just in case kids flip it upside down.

We are very pleased to see that you are enjoying your Skip NN' Hole Game Set! Also, these are some great tips. Thank you for the review and for supporting our business Jon!

Fantastic game!

I backed this game on Kickstarter and it has been so much fun for so many different ages. Set up is super easy and once you get the hang of skipping the stonnes, it becomes quite addictive. I’ve played it at home in our pool and took it on vacation to play in the pool at the beach house and it’s been a hit with everyone. We even held our own Olympics and made Skip nn’ Hole one of the events to see which teams could get the highest score before advancing into traditional gameplay. Great investment for some fun with family and friends and I will miss it during the winter months while my pool is closed for the season. Highly recommend this if you’re looking for a unique game to play in a pool or a lake!

Thank you so much for backing our product from the very beginning! We love seeing all the different ways Skip NN' Hole is being used and hosting an Olympics with the family is brilliant. Also, no need to miss it during the winter! You can play year round by standing outside of the pool. Just have a long skimmer / pool net as a back up in case you need it to reach the stonnes. I'm excited to keep in touch and see more family events like this :) Thank you again!

Heather Clark
Best Game Ever

my family and I took the Skip non’ Stones out this weekend and couldn’t stop playing! We loved it. It is usually pretty hard to get my son out of his room to hang with us, but this weekend was different. We do a lot of competing in this household whether it is with corn hole, ring toss, etc. That is how my son wins things like his king size bed! But this weekend, it was all about your game! The parents were killing it and he had to buy us all lunch! So much fun. My wife even looked at me yesterday and said, “this, by far, is the best game you have ever bought!” Just thought you should know, you nailed it with this game!

Playing for prizes is the best! Always makes it super fun and intense. I might have to come over and play with your family sometime so that I can try and win some cool prizes too :) I enjoyed hearing about your competitive spin on your Skip NN' Hole games it sounds like a blast! Thank you for your support!

Lake fun!!!

Best summer lake game ever!!! Lots of fun for all ages😎😎😎

Thank you for the awesome review and picture! We reposted it to our instagram page @skipnnhole

Elise Streeb

This game is so fun. It takes a few minutes to get the hang of it, but once you get it, you don't want to quit. Fun for all ages, too!

We love hearing all of the wonderful experiences our customers are having thank you so much for letting us know and for spreading the word!

Gregory White
Great fun for four

Had lots of fun with game

Love hearing this! Thank you so much for supporting our business :)

A little pricey

We took your feedback and reduced the price :) Thank you for your support!

FUN for the POOL!

My mom bought my brothers and I this set, because we are always looking for a fun and competitive backyard game experience. This is the first backyard game I have ever played that is perfect for the Pool. Great quality product! The skipping stones are well made and the entire set should hold up for years of pool fun. I was also happy that the set came with a carrying bag to keep all the parts when you are ready to pack it up for the day.

We went door to door asking 90 pool owners what they wanted in a pool game and that's what we based the designed off of. One of the things they really wanted was a pool game that would last a long time so I am glad we were able to solve that problem for our customers. Thank you for your feedback and support! :)

gwenne betner
Just a fun time!

I'm really glad I purchased this game for the pool. I doesn't seem to ever get boring. We, as a family, can play it for hours.

I agree it is very addicting :) Love hearing that you are getting good use out of your game set! Thank you for the review!

michael patera

Best pool game ever. Have spikeball son always wins. Had to make a backstop for our above ground pool no bother. Can't wait to take this on the boat and set it up in shallow water. First time that I can say that something that I purchased on the internet not only met but exceeded my expectations.

I love playing with my dad. Very happy your son is making some great memories with you like I am with my dad. Stay tuned we have a product coming out that I think you are going to love for your above ground pool ;) Thank you so much for your review it means the world to us!

Tailgating Challenge
Most Fun Pool Game Ever

We got to play Skip NN Hole recently and had a blast skipping these stones. They skip so easily and float. We have tested MANY yard games, but this one brings challenge a little differently.

We did a full write up and video to showcase our fun we had with Skip NN Hole.

What a great picture and great review! I loved reading your article. Thank you for helping us spread the word!

Brian Cunningham
It’s a blast!

Broke this out for Memorial Day weekend and three generations were instantly hooked. The stonne is foolproof and even a 5 year old can skip it, but there’s a really high ceiling on technique. It’s unique and fun for competition or just target practice. I would suggest getting a double set of stonnes because you’re going to hate getting out to fetch them.

Awesome game

I can say this game is a must to have in the pool, mainly when you are used to having friends around.
This game is pretty fun, and even those who are out of the pool can play easily.
Also, it worth mention the Customer Service, which is fantastic, fast response and resolution.
My family and I are really happy with the Skip nn' and we strongly recommend that.

Lauren Dunlap
Perfect Game for the Whole Family!

We received this game as a gift and love it! This is the perfect game for the whole family. Very easy to set up and start playing and after a few throws you get the hang of it. A fun pool game to help you beat the heat during those hot summer days. It comes in a nice backpack, packs up easily, and is lightweight, perfect to bring to the beach or a friends house.



From the day i first picked up a Skip NN Hole stone, I knew that this game was different and stood out. The story behind the product and ownership makes it an even cooler product for anyone near water this summer and for summers to come!

Ever since, I have become addicted and continue to build a strong passion for this game and sport. With such a competitive family, this pool game was perfect for all of us in the summer heat. Not only is it easy to assemble, easy to master the art of throwing the stones, but it is also so easy to become addicted to this game within minutes. My first time having this in my pool in Arizona, I spent hours with family and friends tossing the stones.

Something I noticed with this game is that the smiles never stop growing and the family fun never ends....even when you lose ( YES I SAID IT ). I enjoyed my past weekend with family winning and losing, but during every game there were family memories being made. We shared so many laughs as we celebrated a sick shot, or even felt the splash of pool water hit our faces from the stones sliding across the water. I could not help but notice everyone in the pool also shared the same laughter and look of enjoyment on their faces.

I plan to share this game with every person that steps foot in my pool, and I can not wait to see how many families share similar positive experiences.