The worlds first Stonne Skipping Cornhole Game!

 This is the floating target game that combines the fun of stone skipping with the gameplay of cornhole. Ideal for use in a pool, lake, ocean, or pond. Our triangle targets float on the water and are held in place via a pair of weight bags that can be filled with water, rocks, or sand. Players take turns skipping "stonnes" crafted from high density foam and designed with the help of Kurt Steiner—the Guinness World Record holder for stone-skipping with 88 skips. Ages 6+ and up.

✔️ 1-4 Players

✔️ Guinness World Record Holder helped design your stonnes.

✔️ They float. Soft, high density foam stonnes.

✔️  High Quality & Durable

INCLUDES: 2× Skip NN' Hole Targets, 4× red & 4x blue Skipping Stonnes, 2× blue & 2x red Water Weight Bags, and a Travel Bag.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Angie Burke
Fantastic game!

I backed this game on Kickstarter and it has been so much fun for so many different ages. Set up is super easy and once you get the hang of skipping the stonnes, it becomes quite addictive. I’ve played it at home in our pool and took it on vacation to play in the pool at the beach house and it’s been a hit with everyone. We even held our own Olympics and made Skip nn’ Hole one of the events to see which teams could get the highest score before advancing into traditional gameplay. Great investment for some fun with family and friends and I will miss it during the winter months while my pool is closed for the season. Highly recommend this if you’re looking for a unique game to play in a pool or a lake!

Thank you so much for backing our product from the very beginning! We love seeing all the different ways Skip NN' Hole is being used and hosting an Olympics with the family is brilliant. Also, no need to miss it during the winter! You can play year round by standing outside of the pool. Just have a long skimmer / pool net as a back up in case you need it to reach the stonnes. I'm excited to keep in touch and see more family events like this :) Thank you again!

Heather Clark
Best Game Ever

my family and I took the Skip non’ Stones out this weekend and couldn’t stop playing! We loved it. It is usually pretty hard to get my son out of his room to hang with us, but this weekend was different. We do a lot of competing in this household whether it is with corn hole, ring toss, etc. That is how my son wins things like his king size bed! But this weekend, it was all about your game! The parents were killing it and he had to buy us all lunch! So much fun. My wife even looked at me yesterday and said, “this, by far, is the best game you have ever bought!” Just thought you should know, you nailed it with this game!

Playing for prizes is the best! Always makes it super fun and intense. I might have to come over and play with your family sometime so that I can try and win some cool prizes too :) I enjoyed hearing about your competitive spin on your Skip NN' Hole games it sounds like a blast! Thank you for your support!

Julie Unruh
Lake fun!!!

Best summer lake game ever!!! Lots of fun for all ages😎😎😎

Thank you for the awesome review and picture! We reposted it to our instagram page @skipnnhole

Elise Streeb

This game is so fun. It takes a few minutes to get the hang of it, but once you get it, you don't want to quit. Fun for all ages, too!

We love hearing all of the wonderful experiences our customers are having thank you so much for letting us know and for spreading the word!

Gregory White
Great fun for four

Had lots of fun with game

Love hearing this! Thank you so much for supporting our business :)