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Skip NN' Hole Game Set

The worlds first Stonne Skipping Cornhole Game!

 This is the floating target game that combines the skill of stone skipping with the gameplay of cornhole. Ideal for use in a pool, lake, ocean, or pond. Our triangle targets float on the water and are held in place via a pair of weight bags that can be filled with water, rocks, or sand. Players take turns skipping "stonnes" crafted from high density foam and designed with the help of Kurt Steiner—the Guinness World Record holder for stone-skipping with 88 skips. Ages 6+ and up.

✔️ 1-4 Players

✔️ Guinness World Record Holder helped design your stonnes.

✔️ They float. Soft, high density foam stonnes.

✔️  High Quality & Durable

INCLUDES: 2× Skip NN' Hole Targets, 4× red & 4x blue Skipping Stonnes, 2× blue & 2x red Water Weight Bags, and a Travel Bag.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Great Game.

This game is FUN. Had a pool party over the weekend and everyone wanted to play. At least two couples will be purchasing for their pools.

The build of the product is of good quality as well. Highly recommended.

clever idea and fun game!

We just played Skip NN' Hole for the first time today after ordering originally through Kickstarter. Our family enjoyed it so much (kids are 14 and 12) that we ordered another one for the family with the pool that hosted our first game. :-) The customer service has been outstanding with creative problem solving for Canadian shipping. The quality of the materials and the thoughtfulness of the design shines through. Best wishes to these entrepreneurs on this original invention with top-notch execution.

Great game for the whole family!

I purchased through Kickstarter and we love playing it in our pool! It is a great game for the whole family. As soon as I saw this on Kickstarter I knew it was something that we would all enjoy playing. It is so easy to set up and use, out of the package it only takes a couple of minutes to get both targets up and running. So far our high score for 1 round is 17. My son is convinced that by the end of the summer he will score a 20!

Old game(s) with a great new twist

When I saw this on Kickstarter, I just loved the idea. A great new way to combine cornhole, shuffleboard and skipping stones. The pool was finally warm enough to set it up and set up was a breeze. It took just a couple of minutes to get in place. And a couple of minutes to realize I haven't skipped stones in a long time. But it was fun remembering how and practicing the game (I have to get an edge before I invite friends over). The materials are good quality and seem like they will last with good care. Everything fits in a single backpack sized carry bag. You can play it whether you're in the water or out also. I think this will be a regular set up during all my parties.



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